Dal Khalsa opposes Jat quota

Amritsar, Punjab: Vehemently opposing reservation based on caste, radical Sikh outfit Dal Khalsa has appealed to Akal Takht Jathedar to summon SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal for perpetuating the caste system in the otherwise casteless Sikh society and to seek an explanation for his party’s “unprincipled” stand on including Sikh Jats in the OBC category for reservation.

The organisation said that reservation should be on the economic criteria rather than caste.

In a statement, Dal Khalsa chief HS Dhami said competitive politics being resorted to by the ruling SAD and the Congress in Punjab on the issue would prove to be “another step towards vitiating the fragile social fabric” of Punjab.

He said Punjab, perhaps, was the only state in the country where casteism had never struck root.This was owing to the Sikh doctrine of equality with stress on a casteless, classless society.

The institution of ”langar” was the outcome of this very doctrine, he said.

He said history was repeating itself with the Congress and the SAD targeting a particular vote bank, this time the Sikh Jats. “What’s alarming is that the SAD is once again violating the tenets of Sikhism,” he said.

Source: The Tribune


  1. True, but more pertinently, a underclass or if you may, underprivileged , should be “spoon fed ” for a finite time NOT for ever. If then the underclass is still unable to stand up on there own feet and compete in the open market, then I say bad luck!
    If you undermine the stalwarts of society then you erode the very fabric of that race,
    community or clan.
    Need to re-visit history, why did the British ” recruited certain types” in the armed forces? Who stood shoulder to shoulder with Guru Gobind Singh Ji?
    When it comes to the “crunch factor”, who will stand and make a stand??
    This is not meant to be a universal statement, of course exception will always be there,
    in largeness validity exits.

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