Cong, SAD-BJP ruined state’s prosperity: Phoolka

Ludhiana, Punjab: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate from the Ludhiana constituency, HS Phoolka, took out a rally in the Dakha region, beginning from Ferozepur Road to Mullanpur Chowk, College Road, Dakha, Pandori, Dhat, Kyalpur, Varaich, Mullanpur village and Rakba, which received a huge public turnout.

Phoolka began by inaugurating a party office in Mullanpur and proceeded with the rally. People joined in huge numbers on foot and with their vehicles.

Addressing the public, Phoolka said, “The previous ruling parties of the SAB-BJP and the Congress have proven to be negligent to the problems of people in Punjab; rather they have ruined the prosperity and affluence of the state.”

He said, “The claims of SADBJP on the subject of developing and progressing Punjab are without foundation and artificial. The state, which was recognised for its riches in the past, is now in a poor state. The statistics prove that Punjab is far behind from its neighbouring states in the field of growth and development, the industries are in pitiful conditions due to the state’s anti-industry policies, agriculture which is the backbone of Punjab is about to collapse, and the youth is unemployed and drowned in drugs.”

Later in the day, Phoolka held a rally from Gill Chowk, Satsang Road, Miller Ganj, Manju Cinema, Dholewal Chowk, Ramnagar, Prabhat Nagar, Vishkarma Colony and ended at Vishkarma Chowk.

Expressing his concern t owards t he citizens of Ludhiana, Phoolka said, “You have a choice to elect the Aam Aadmi Party and save your much-loved city from the near destruction that politicos have brought here.”

Source: HT

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  1. Bjp-Congo desh hua nango, kaledhan ke Bingo, ganda hua tirongo
    ***Jhadu ki seba ab hai taiyar;
    ***Ek honge ab sher-sardar;
    ***talbar bane jhadu is bar;
    ***AAP ko Bahumat ab ki bar.

    ***Saheed Jabano ke yad isbar;
    *** Coffin scam bale ab ho bahar;
    *** Jabano ki izzat ho abkibar;

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