Auditions held for “Mr Turban-2013” contest

Amritsar, Punjab: In their move to popularise turban among Punjabi youth and spread awareness regarding its significance, Baba Deep Singh Federation held auditions for their annual event, “Mr Turban”. Celebrating the spirit of being a Sikh, encouraging youngsters to wear turbans and sport a beard, the main event will be held in November.

The event witnessed a heavy participation from across Punjab, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana in its previous installments and this time the organisers promise bigger and better things. “We started this initiative to make youngsters realise what it means to wear a turban and make them fully aware of their religion,” said Rashpal Singh Baagi, president, Baba Deep Singh Federation.

The contest is open for all age groups with the finale having three categories divided according to the age groups- Group A (19-28 years), Group B (13-18 years) and Group C (6-12 years). The contestants are judged on the basis of their looks, talent and their knowledge of Sikh religion. The federation has been actively holding social awareness activities in schools and colleges throughout Punjab to discourage youngsters from cutting their hair and beard. The winner will also get a chance to star in a film. “It’s like a regular talent pageant, only with an aim to promote cultural heritage,” said Baagi.

The contestants too came out in full strength to showcase their skills, proving their worth at the coveted title. Sunday afternoon witnessed the contestants fighting and entertaining the judges simultaneously with the display of their talent at the competition, right from thumping to the beats of dhol performing bhangra to impressing with the vocal chords.

Apart from the fact that “Mr Turban” is a talent grooming competition, it comes with a mission attached to it.

Baagi said, “A lot of Sikh youth are detaching them from the religion and shedding off their turban and other symbols of identity. We started this programme to inspire them, make a point that the cultural and religious identities are nothing to be ashamed off. Especially, for those who think that their turban is an obstacle in the way of making it big in the tinsel town. And look today how Bollywood has Sikh characters and turbaned heroes making Rs 100 crore films at the box office. Our youth has really started to understand the point being made.”

Source: The Tribune

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