Amritsar Sikh museum being ready for new times

Amritsar, Punjab: Preserving times gone, Central Sikh Museum (Ajaib Ghar) at the Golden Temple is getting ready for future, all set for a major facelift that the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) has finalised.

The plan rolled out suggests elevators, plush flooring, and touch-screen and audio catalogues will be added to the facilities. The SGPC has roped in expert curators and architects to come out with something spectacular. So far, no deadline fixed but the authorities concerned promise early start to the project’s first phase.

As the museum is on the first floor, the elevators will help disabled people and senior citizens reach the galleries. “It is one of the most eminent museums of the state, and in near future will be no less than leading international galleries,” said Iqbal Singh, additional manager of Darbar Sahib. “It will attract foreign visitors who are interested in history.”

Looking into the future, he visualised a new manner of displaying pictures to make it easy to grab information and appreciate art.

In 1958, the-then SGPC president, Gurcharan Singh Tohra, inaugurated the museum to preserve the artefacts and history related to Sikh Gurus.

Other than historical pictures, it displays old musical instruments; maps; Nanakshahi coins; weapons; and Guru Gobind Singh’s Kanga (comb), Kamar Kasa (belt), and Gatra (sword sling); besides Mool Mantar written by Guru Hargobind.

Visitors would also like exploring the world-journey map of Guru Nanak Dev, and gain knowledge from the detailed wall paintings based on the life of Sikhism’s founder.

The exhibits document many other historical incidents, struggles, and proud moments in Sikh history.

Six grand halls with high ceilings receive good daylight to bounce on more than 400 paintings and highlight the brief descriptions in Punjabi, Hindi and English. If you want further information, the many sewadars in the galleries will assist you.

The g alleries hold the works of great artists such as Sobha Singh, Karpal Singh, SG Thakur Singh, Aulak Singh, Gurwinderpal Singh and Sukhwinderpal Singh. Directions from all entrances to the Golden Temple can help increase the footfall.

Source: HT


  1. Tejinder Hansra

    “Six grand halls with high ceilings receive good daylight to bounce on more than 400 paintings”

    Sunlight is bad for long term preservation of paintings. Even camera flashlights are bad. I wonder who is the curator to suggest such concept.

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