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‘Sikh Sangat News ‘launched its’ online News service in 2005. Sikh Sangat News is part of SikhSangat.com which is currently the most famous and busiest Sikh discussion forum around the world. It was started by group of Sikh college students in 2001. The goal of Sikh Sangat Network is to provide a common platform for Sikhs to come and discuss Gurmat and other issues related to their daily lives. The network also host several Sikhism related websites. Sikh Sangat News is one of them.

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Jaswinder Singh (Jsingh) – jsingh@sikhsangat.org



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  1. kanwaljit singh

    I want to ask some sikh organisation for help in New York, USA. My brother lives there and he need urgent help. Bye

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