Untreated water being released in Kala Sanghian drain

Jalandhar, Punjab:  Environmentalist Balbir Singh Seechewal, who is also a member of the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB), along with supervisor engineer of the board SP Garg on Tuesday made a surprise check at the sewerage treatment plant of a leather complex and found the 5mld treatment plant was being bypassed and untreated water was being released in Kala Sanghian drain.

The raiding teams also took the samples of treated water from the outlet of treatment plant and pulled the staff working there for their carelessness. The treatment plant is being reportedly handled by Ramky, a private company.

“The government had spent over Rs 18 crore on setting up this treatment plant. What is its usage if it is to be kept as nonoperational? The treated water from this plant was also not up to the mark. Through specially laid pipes, untreated water was also being released directly to the Kala Sanghian drain,” Seechewal said while talking to HT.

“Earlier too, the leather complex industries were warned to stop this but they did not. Five months ago, the pipeline was forcibly stopped by the PPCB but on Tuesday it was again found working. We would take up the matter before the Chief Minister, Punjab, very soon,” he added.

Seechewal had been raising the issue of polluted water being released in Kala Sanghian drain at different platforms. “This drain is the root cause of several deadly diseases among people of Malwa and Rajasthan and it is difficult to understand that why industrialists are not serious towards the health of millions of people,” he said.

The raiding team also supervised the construction work of new 50mld treatment plant near Kala Sanghian drain and showed satisfaction over the progress of construction.

Source: HT

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