UK town gets first Punjabi mayor

London,UK: A Punjabi-Sikh man has been elected first Indian-origin mayor of the ‘historic’ Warwick town in Britain’s West Midlands region. Prabhjit Singh Dhillon, who became the 280th mayor of the town, described his appointment as a ‘privilege’. After being sworn in as the mayor at a ceremony, Dhillon said: “I am truly honoured and humbled to be elected by my fellow councillors to become the mayor for 2013-14.”

“I have become the 280th mayor, a privilege for a local Warwick boy and the first Sikh since that time. My mayoral year is a mere blip in the last 1,100 years of former mayors in this historic town,” the Coventry Telegraph quoted him as saying.

“I urge all other faiths to send in invites for which I will try to attend as I pick up on the theme of my buzz word ‘Warwickness’. As part of this I am going to include Sikh philosophy, which has similarities to the Christian teachings. Warwickness to me stands for, in broad terms, equality, peace, simplicity, truth and integrity.”

Dhillon’s term in office will mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, the paper said.

“Plans are already afoot to ensure this important milestone is remembered with dignity and respect and I intend that this council together with local and county heritage organisations will play its full part in the centenary events,” he said.

Source: HT

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