UK Sikhs remember war veterans

news1Birmingham, UK: Hundreds of people, young and old, gathered at Birmingham’s Centenary Square to honour Birmingham’s soldiers from the present and the past. A two minute nationwide silence took place with a rifle fire form 37 Signal Regiment, which was followed by a performance from the Salvation Army and other bands. Members from many local Gurdwaras helped to lay a wreathe. For the first time The Sikh Community and Youth Service (SCYS), which is based in Handsworth, was involved in the ceremony, as there were many Sikh soldiers who fought in both World Wars.

54 year old volunteer Ranvir Singh Virdi, told the Birmingham Mail: “We need to remember our war veterans and show support for the millions of servicemen and women who lost their lives in the World Wars. Over 1.5million Sikhs fought in the Sikh regiments of the British army and over 80,000 lost their lives. We need to show respect at this event.”

Many people attended the event, which honoured currently serving soldiers and war veterans, the families and friends of this event were delighted and moved. A parade was carried out from Centenary Square, to Broad Street, around the Hall of Memory and then into Cambridge Street.

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