Tainted Sikh Preacher Sarbjit Dhundha at Milipitas Sikh temple

Fremont, California: Sarbjit Singh Dhundha is a Sikh preacher who creates problem by his heretic utterances. A missionary who follows blasphemous teachings of Gurbakhsh Singh Kala Afghana is often in news for his blasphemous sermons.

He is on California tour these days. His tour is normally sponsored by an organization who have denounced Khalsa principles of Sikhism.

Sikhs went to protest against his blasphemous speeches at Fairfield city in California last week. His supporters manhandled them and called police to evict Sikhs who were protesting peacefully. Next day he was to speak at a Gurudwara in Roseville City. Management committee had called heavy police force and allowed only their supporters inside their worship room. Still a few Sikhs inside protested and they were roughed up by committee. Dhundha spoke only under police protection.

His Yuba city programs were cancelled by police due to apprehension of protests by Sikhs.

This weekend he is called by Milipitas guru ghar in bay area which is supported by AGPC . It is pity that a committee which is supposed to look after interests of Sikhism are miring Sikhs into factional fights by inviting preachers who denounce Sikh history and traditions.

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