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FIBA Delays Ruling on Turban Ban

Washington Dc, USA: The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) announced today it will not reverse Article 4.4.2, which bans players from wearing dastaars (turbans) on the court. Instead, FIBA will delay its decision: “The Central Board decided, it requires further analysis before a final decision is made. Both the Technical and Legal Commissions shall study and present options to the Central Board. ...

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Sikh soccer coach puts together Kiwi team of Maori eves

Patiala, Punjab: The New Zealand women kabaddi team participating in the World Cup for the first time is composed entirely of players of Maori descent. In most other countries, the Punjabi community has taken the lead in popularising kabaddi by engaging “local” (non-Indian) players. But in case of New Zealand women, the locals have taken to kabaddi with greater enthusiasm than ...

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