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Year after Oak Creek, US Sikhs still warys

Mlawaukee, Wisconsin: When they spotted a stranger parked near their temple, two Sikh men came out and asked if he would like tea. He responded by shooting them both dead and walking inside. Satwant Singh Kaleka, an immigrant from India who worked long hours at a gas station before saving enough money to build the temple, quickly sensed danger and rushed ...

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A push on rules so other Sikhs enlist in army

New York, USA:The Sikhs of northwestern India have for centuries cherished their rich military history. Wearing long beards and turbans into combat, they have battled Mughals in Punjab, Afghans near the Khyber Pass and Germans in the bloody trenches of the Somme. But when Maj. Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi, an American Sikh raised in New Jersey, signed up for the U.S. ...

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Oak Creek community meetings show support for Sikhs

Oak Creek – The U.S. Department of Justice has asked the FBI to begin tracking crimes against Sikhs and other minorities, a major goal of Wisconsin’s Sikh community in the aftermath of the August massacre at their temple, federal officials said Monday. And the Obama administration’s top civil rights attorney said he expects a bipartisan proposal for comprehensive immigration reform ...

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