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Turbaned Sikhs Are Not Terrorists

California,US: I was on my way to lunch with one of the partners at a prestigious law firm when we both heard it: a random person on the street yelling at me, “Terrorist … hey, terrorist!” I was in the process of trying to secure a job. Like any other law school student, I just wanted to fit in at ...

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Family of Birmingham Sikh soldier in turban row hit back at critics

London,UK:- “Thousands of Sikhs have fought and died for the UK. They never gave up their turbans so why can’t a Sikh soldier guard the Queen while wearing his?” The family of a Birmingham soldier at the centre of a row over his turban have hit back – pointing to the 80,000 Sikhs who died for Britain in the two ...

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My turban: Made in the USA

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism in India in the 15th century, believed that all people are born free and should live freely and equally. He spoke out against inequality, religious intolerance and the pervasive caste system in India. Above: A member of California’s Sikh community is seen during a parade in Downtown Los Angeles in 2003. Oak Creek,USA: Sikhs ...

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