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Canadian province move to ban turban

Montreal, Canada:  Quebec’s PartiQuebecois government proposes to ban symbols of religious faith such as Jewish skullcaps, Sikh turbans, Muslim head scarves and large crucifixes from public work places. The proposed ban is part of what the Quebec government calls its “charter ...

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The Turban Ban Doesn’t Teach Kids to Play Fair

Canada: Recently the Quebec Soccer Federation upheld its standard of silliness by refusing to permit young Sikh soccer players who wear turbans or other head coverings from playing their favourite game. This follows hard on the heels of another organization’s ...

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College students abused for wearing turbans on city streets

UK: WHITE students met “disgusting racism” when they wore Sikh turbans in the city centre. The students from Plymouth College of Art designed and made eight turbans for Councillor Chaz Singh over the past year, as part of their extended ...

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