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The Sikh Pound is worth £7.63 Billion, according to the British Sikh Report.

London, UK: 9 April 2014: The British Sikh Report (BSR) is the only strategic document of its kind, aimed at governmental bodies and national institutions alike, which draws attention to the aspirations of the British Sikh community across a range of areas. Compiled by a collective of British Sikh professionals and academics, it is based on quantitative research and will ...

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Century later, WW1 Sikhs toast of France

Jalandhar, Punjab: In a proud moment for Sikhs worldwide, France will remember their exemplary valour and sacrifices on its soil during World War 1. Their heroics against the German invaders will be the focus of the conflict’s centenary events that are to start in April and end in 2018. Sikh soldiers were part of a large Indian Corps component called to ...

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UK body to highlight role played by Sikhs in World War 1

London, UK: The unique story of the Sikh contribution in helping the Allies win the World War I is to be told, thanks to support from the London-based Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). A preliminary grant of just under Rs 40 lakh (£39,400) represents 10 per cent of what the UK Punjab Heritage Association (UKPHA) can expect to help fund its ...

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