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Simran Singh to restore ancient gurudwaras

Allahabad,India:An American born Sikh has vowed to restore all the Sikh shrines in India and Nepal visited by Guru Nanak Dev Saheb to their pristine glory. Born in a Christian family in America, David, popularly known as Simran Singh Khalsa, after he turned Sikh, is mobilising funds since long for the restoration of Sikh shrines to their original form. With ...

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Sifting the Dust of 84 Pogrom for Some Positives ~ Part VI of VI

MEMORIALIZING India: Traditionally what we seem to have been doing is that in difficult and trying times we never avoided or shirked away from facing the oppression that the evil were thrusting upon us. We took it on the chin and bore the atrocities with calm fortitude. We did not give up trying that the dissent gets resolved and continued ...

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A Visit to Central Khalsa Orphanage

India:-“I’m thinking to invite whosoever wishes to come race go karts and go swimming for my birthday.” I told Pooja. She smiled saying she thought it was a good idea. Later that evening, she sent me an email suggesting that I take the money that would have gone to all the fun and games and bring sweets and samosas to ...

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