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Gurudwara in Mangalore – Serving religious needs of Sikh community.

Mangalore, India: Mangalore being a true cosmopolitan city has assimilated people of diverse religions and nationality in its fold. It is therefore not surprising to know that there about 25 to 30 Sikh families residing within Mangalore and they have also ...

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City all geared up for Parkash Purb

Jalandhar, Punjab: City is all decked up to celebrate the 348th Parkash Purb of Guru Gobind Singh with all religious fervour and gaiety. Gurudwaras across the city are illuminated with lights. Akhand paths have started since Sunday and thousands of people ...

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Tables literally turned on the Sikhs, with ‘Singh vs. Food’

London, UK: The UK Sikh Welfare and Awareness Team (SWAT) will be overseeing a professional Sikh eating contest for charity. The charitable organization which focuses on substance awareness, crime diversion, and providing the youth with activities has teamed up with ...

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