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Are these Sikh Missionaries or Atheists?

Some missionary views include the following (Inder Ghaggha is a teacher and prominent leader of missionary college in india and these are his views.. and also the views of other missionaries I’ve spoken to): That there is no such thing as the power of Naam. Naam simran that involves reciting of Gurmantar (as instructed in the Panthic Sikh Rahit Maryada) ...

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Misguided Parchar of Sarbjit Singh Dhunda and his missionary fellows

Katha Vaachak Sarbjit Singh Dhunda has recently been found questioning the validity of Guru Gobind Singh Jee’s  place of meditation at Sri Hemkunt Sahib. Despite it being referenced in Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s own writings, Sri Bachitter Natak in Sri Dasam Granth. Sri Dasam Granth is important to the Sikh faith because: On taking Amrit, Dasam Bani is read alongside ...

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