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Sergeant-at-arms hailed as Canadian hero for shooting dead terrorist.

Canada: Kevin Vickers has vocally supported Canadian Sikhs right to wear Kirpan in Parliament. The man being hailed as a hero for reportedly shooting a gunman in Canada’s national parliament is Kevin Vickers, who, as the holder of the post of sergeant-at-ams, is officially responsible for safety and security within the grounds of the building. The role’s ceremonial element has ...

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The Canadian Sikh Community Will Not Be Marginalized by Milewski and Kay

Canada: The following was authored by a concerned Canadian Sikh academic, who wrote under the condition of anonymity, in rebuttal to Jonathan Kay’s piece, entitled “Why are some Canadian Sikhs expressing solidarity with an unrepentant terrorist?“ There are many questions surrounding the stay of execution of of Balwant Singh Rajoana, who was sentenced for his involvement in the 1995 assassination ...

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