‘Support UK Sikhs in Prison Campaign’ launched by Sikh Youth

Birmingham, UK: Sikh Youth Birmingham is launching a ‘SUPPORT UK SIKHS IN PRISON CAMPAIGN’ which aims to support many neglected Sikhs in UK prisons.

We aim to provide;

  • Before during and after care support services.
  • Provide rehabilitation and back to work support
  • Support for families of prisoners
  • letters of encouragement and support
  • Mentoring and penpal system
  • Making available Sikh literature and religious texts and media
  • Drink and drug addiction Support
  • Visits for prisoners in remote locations who don’t get religious support

Some of our sevadars have lead lives of crime and addiction and have experienced the problems that we face in jails as a community. Sikh prisoners get no support from the outside and rarely have visits from Gianis, leading to many Sikhs losing faith and leaving Sikhi.

A structure will be put into place over the next couple of months that will be able to provide the help needed by prisoners and arrange much needed langar and gurbani events within prisons. provide Prisoners with literature, CD’s, gutka sahibs and translations to all Sikh prisoners. We want to make sure good parcharaks are available twice a week so they have full support religiously and to have an ultimate before during and after care programme in place for them upon release.

we have been doing this for nearly a year now and now we are officially launching it so please show your support. if there are any Sikh inmates who you think would require our help or if anyone wants to volunteer or support us in any capacity please contact us.

Source: info@sikhyouthbirmingham.com

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