Something fishy in Kali Bein water

Sultanpur Lodhi, Kapurthla:  Thousands of fish have reportedly died in the holy Kali Bein rivulet over the past week, due to the release of contaminated water from industrial units. The stink of dead fish has filled the air around the rivulet.

A school of fish looking for fresh water was seen at Sultanpur Lodhi on Wednesday.

Environmentalist Balbir Singh Seechewal and his followers remained busy on Wednesday in ensuring that fresh water is released into the rivulet and the fish survive the onslaught of effluents.

“Contaminated water of Sutlej river might have entered Kali Bein rivulet from Harike Patan as the release of fresh water in the rivulet was stopped by administration, after the recent dip in water level at the Bhakra Beas Management Board reservoir,” said Seechewal.

“The fish are jumping and hurting themselves in search of fresh water. We have started a tubewell to add some fresh water and fish have gathered in thousands at the point,” he added.

“Contaminated and untreated water is being released from the Kapurthala sewerage treatment plant in the rivulet,” said Gurwinder Singh, an associate of Babaji.

Kapurthala DC Alaknanda Dayal said the municipal council had failed to operate the sewerage plant due to lack of funds.
Interestingly, chief minister Parkash Singh Badal had directed the state local bodies department to solve issues related to the Kali Bein on priority and run all treatment plants.
Hoshiarpur DC Manasvi Kumar denied that fresh water release had not been stopped.
“I have checked with the irrigation department. They have been releasing more than 200 cubic feet per second (cusecs) water in the Kali Bein daily since April 5. More water cannot be released as the Bein has only this much capacity.”

Source: HT

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