Sikh Sarbat Khalsa Gathering Update 1

For the next few days, SSN will post updates of the Sikh Sarbat Khalsa gathering at Chaba village in Amritsar.


DGP Suresh Arora

1. DGP Suresh Arora to camp in Amritsar – Punjab director general of police (DGP) Suresh Arora will camp in the holy city to order every move of Punjab Police first hand.

itbp commandos

ITBP Commando Force (File Picture)

2. Indo-Tibetan Border Police Commandos – Four Companies of non-punjabi Police force already deployed in Punjab.


The security room of SGPC security Task Force

3. CCTV Cameras – Hundreds of CCTV cameras installed in Amritsar in order to arrest and detain Sikhs based on their external outlook. Discriminatory arrests of Sikhs by their external outlook (Gatra/kirpan, Chola, Dumalla) used to be practiced widely during 80’s and 90’s. NEW CCTV cameras were installed at the following locations – Hall Gate (central market), Jallianwala Bagh and Sheranwala Gate (the road to the Golden Temple starts here). Punjab Police will monitor the situation from a special control room fed with live pictures from the field. SGPC will also give their Camera access to Punjab Police.

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