Sikh pilgrims head for Hemkunt Sahib on foot

Dehradun: A group of 50 Sikh pilgrims from Patiala headed on foot for the Hemkunt Sahib shrine in Uttarakhand on Monday.

Gover nor Aziz Qureshi saw off the pilgrims at Gurdwara Dukhniwaran Sahib.

Fifty pilgrims, including women, men and children, are part of this group and they will undertake the 650-km-long yatra (from Patiala to Hemkunt Sahib) on foot.

While addressing the pilgrims, the governor said the Sikh community had the courage to face adverse circumstances.

Before the formal departure, governor Qureshi and the pilgrims listened to Gurbani.

A ‘siropa’ and framed portraits of Sikh gurus were presented to Qureshi.

Source: HT

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