Shaheed Bhai Jugraj Singh Toofaan (Tornado) K.L.F

Shaheed Bhai Jugraj Singh was born at village Cheema Kudi, District Batala, Punjab – in the house of a virtuous and hardworking Singh, Sardar Mohinder Singh and his mother was Mata Harbans Kaur he was born in 1971. Bhai Jugraj Singh was an only son and had 5 sisters. He was only 6 years old when he took Amrit and he regularly meditated, prayed and read about Sikh History from this young age. He was softly spoken and well-mannered.

Where did he get his yearning for Shaheedi from?

When Indira attacked Sri Darbar Sahib in 1984, in the form of an army assault, desecrating the Akaal Takhat Sahib and martyring thousands of Sikhs. Many other Gurdwaras were desecrated simultaneously and Bhai Sahib was about 13 years old at the time of these events. Bhai Sahib could not stand to see this occurring and he was deeply moved. These events gave birth to thoughts of fighting against tyranny and oppression, Bhai Sahib decided that he would revenge these sacrileges. Bhai Sahib was very close to Bhai Dharam Singh Babbar Kanshtheevaal, with whom many actions were carried out.

From 1984 to April 1984 Bhai Jugraj Singh continuously fought in the battle against oppression and for justice. According to the wishes of Guru Kalgidar, Bhai Sahib kept arms as a Saint-Soldier, became a Khalsa and stayed within the disciplines of Gursikhi. Bhai Sahib punished countless enemies of the Panth. Bhai Sahib looked after the poor and powerless.

The Sikh Panth is a Panth of Shaheeds, Sri Guru Gobind Singh jee revealed the Khalsa and made them Saint-Soldiers due to martyrdom’s given earlier. Shaheedi is a priceless gift but it should be pure, the following lines of Gurbani say:

‘The death of brave heroes is blessed, if its approved by God.’
(Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee Ang 579)

Shaheedi according to the wishes of Guru Kalgidhar jee is the accepted Shaheedi, a true Shaheed according to the Khalsa tradition is one who is sacrificed, for the welfare of faith or one that becomes Shaheed whilst fighting oppressors.

The person who has attained Shaheedi should not have any questionable traits or have done anything of ill-repute whilst performing Seva. Bhai Jugraj Singh jee neither killed innocent people, nor looted or stole or bullied anyone into anything.He made his Shaheedi with no given reward in mind, nor did he perform Seva with any reward in mind. He cleared his locality of thieves and criminals, he put many thieves to justice. Those Hindu families who had fled from their villages were reinstated into their original homes and Bhai Sahib ensured that they were safely resettled. This is why Bhai Sahib was respected and loved by all in his locality, he was referred to as a ‘freedom fighter’ whom reinstated their freedoms in many ways.

Bhai Sahib was arrested and he spent some time in Sangrur and Hoshiarpur jails, even whilst in jail, Bhai Sahib inspired others. Whilst in jail he taught others about Sikhism and even made friends and supporters of the movement whilst in jail. Bhai Sahib played his role in many important actions for the Sikh Cause and his main aim was to eliminate the oppressors. S.S.P. Gobind Ram was a renowned enemy of the Sikhs, he falsely arrested and tortured and murdered countless Sikhs. He was famous for saying to Sikhs under torture “that you have had the Amrit of Guru Gobind Singh but now take the Amrit of Gobind Ram,” he was of such a disgraceful nature. Bhai Sahib along with his colleagues and Jathedar Bhai Gurjant Singh Budhsinghwala made plans to eliminate this tyrant; to eliminate such a person was no easy task. Bhai Sahib and his colleagues thought up a very daring plan in which they would explode a bomb in Gobind Ram’s office. The bombing went to plan and Gobind Ram was blown to smithereens, not even a limb of Gobind Ram was recoverable and the police had to make an effigy of Gobind Ram to perform the funeral.

On the 8th April 1990 Bhai Sahib was martyred, the B.S.F. and police took his body away immediately. In protest to his martyrdom 20,000 people surrounded the police headquarters of Hargobindpur on the day of his Shaheedi and demanded that his body be released from government control. Again new records were set on the day of Bhai Sahib’s funeral when 200,000 to 300,000 people attended the funeral at village Cheema Kudi. Such large gatherings are rare in the history of Shaheeds. The gathering of 200,000 – 300,000 people blessed Bhai Sahib with the title of Amar Shaheed.

Blessed By God Almighty

Everyone knows that the age of 14-15 years, is one of lack of experiences/knowledge and teenage passions. For a teenage boy who is a born in an average family to have the great thoughts of Panthic Seva and Shaheedi, can only occur with the great grace of God. If we ignore the families of the Guru’s for one moment, we will find very few examples of such an honourable and exemplary Shaheed. Bhai Sahib’s love for Sikhi, selflessness and steadfastness can only be referred to as the blessings of the Almighty. Bhai Sahib is an exemplary role model of the modern era, whom fought and died in the battlefield fighting for the freedoms of all and everyone, his life gives us much inspiration and the power to persevere. Bhai Sahib was referred to as ‘Baba jee’ by people of his locality due to him being of high morality and a truthful character. Bhai Sahib was very benevolent and merciful, he personally used to fund the weddings of the poor and spend thousand of Rupees on their weddings.

Bhai Sahib’s Contribution To The Panth

Bhai Sahib’s Shaheedi teaches all Sikh youth – to follow his exemplary traits, if we put the success of the movement first and make those who steel, murder or harass the innocent our targets, and if we stay within the limits of Sikhi when doing this, then all people of the world will support the Sikh cause. The dislike of the Khalistan movement will be eradicated and we will gain success in a shorter and quicker period.

Sikhs are only to fight against tyranny and oppressors, no Sikh warrior should instigate fear into anyone. Sikhs are to make themselves successful by earning the respect and love of all, they should be shining examples of ‘Akaal Purkh Kee Fauj’ as was Bhai Jugraj Singh.

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