Retired teacher couple uses Gurbani to keep youth away from drugs

Patiala, Punjab: Though they have no children of their own, 71-yearold-Jaimal Singh Bhinder and his wife Surjit Kaur Dhillon (71) have dedicated their life to teaching Gurbani to people, especially children, free-of-cost.

The couple retired from their jobs in the state education department in 2001. Ever since, the first-floor of their home which has been converted into Satsang Bhawan, has seen thousands discover the teachings of Sikh gurus.

They have helped as many 1,963 youngsters to turn into Gurbani reciters and find work across several gurdwaras.

About 1,800 youths have been baptised after learning Gurbani from the couple.

Their services have made the duo a household name in Patiala.

Jaimal was born in Gujranwala, a village in Pakistan, in 1943. The family of this former English lecturer had settled in Haryana’s Kaithal district post-partition and later relocated to Patiala in the early ‘80s.

Jaimal, who is popularly known as babaji, said the aim of their service was to ensure that future generations did not lose out on the teachings of Sikh gurus.

“Though I was happily doing my job, I was missing something. I understood what it was only when I added paath to my daily routine,” said Jaimal.

It was then that he decided to start giving free lessons to all those who were interested in learning gurbani recitation.

It was a dream in 1991 that really instigated Jaimal to the cause. “I dreamt of a person asking me to start teaching proper recitation of Gurbani to children,” said Jaimal.

After retirement, the couple began devoting all their time to the service.

“But it was my wife who actually helped me realise my dream. With gurbani having a lot of Hindi words, my wife, an expert in the language, taught me the correct pronunciation.”

His wife also used to go door-to-door asking parents to send their children to classes. She also arranged for langar, Jaimal said.

The couple also donated their property to set up Satsang Bhawan Trust in New Mehar Singh Colony to propagate teachings of gurus, apart from Gurbani.

“We also explain the meanings of every sentence to help them become better preachers. The main aim is to keep youngsters away from drugs and other distractions.”

It is evident how much he enjoys doing the service as he laughs and jokes along with his students.
Following an injury, his wife Surjit has been finding it difficult for the past four years to work like before. Yet she called it “a privilege to help people associate with god through gurbani.”

What else can one do for the betterment of society?” she asked.

Source: HT

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