Position of Punjabi language in Chandigarh – Survey by Panditrao

Chandigarh, Punjab: An open ended independent research was conducted to know the position of Punjabi language in Chandigarh city by Panditrao Dharennavar, Assistant Professor,PG Govt College, Sector-46 Chandigarh.  Total number of 606 samples were collected from teachers, students, engineers, doctors, advocates, Chandigarh police constables, tailors, petrol pump workers, taxi drivers, residents of Dhanas, Hello Majra and shop keepers of Krisna market, sector 41. Teachers included from DAV 10, SD college 32, MCM college 36, Dev Samaj college 45 , Guru Gobind Singh college 26. Students included  from PU, SD college 32, Dev Samaj 45, MCM 36, Guru Gobind Singh college 26, DAV 10, Jetking 34, Air hostess 34.

The findings are as below

  1. 81.35 Percent of people said Yes to  learn Punjabi language when asked whether you want to learn Punjabi language.
  2. 60.06 percent of people want to have Punjabi as official language in Chandigarh Administration.
  3. 69.80 percent of people are happy with Public sign boards are being written in Punjabi.
  4. 82.17 Percent of people wants to have three language formula in Chandigarh Administration ( English , Hindi. Punjabi)
  5. Only 34.81 Percent of people read Punjabi Magazines and news papers.
  6. Only 31 .02  Percent of people subscribe Punjabi news papers at home.
  7. When asked how many Public  libraries are there in Chandigarh none of the respondents said the right answer.
  8. When asked why they want to learn Punjabi language 50 percent of respondents said  it is good to hear and sweet language.
  9. when asked why they want to have  Punjabi as official language in Chandigarh Administration, 60 percent of people said Chandigarh is capital city of Punjabi therefore Punjabi should be official language of Chandigarh Administration.

Hidden Findings

  1. While researcher was on the field many felt Urdu also should be given due respect in Chandigarh Administration.
  2. Researcher came across harsh reality of Punjabi language in Chandigarh Administration. The FIRs filed by Chandigarh Police from 1st Feb 2014 to 5th Feb 2014 were written in English and Hindi only. None of them was written in Punjabi.
  3. It was found that  many words in FIRs were from Persian which were used in British Raj.  It was found that proper Hindi  was not written therefore it is insult to Hindi, National language.
  4. Researchers gave request letter to all Government colleges to write sign boards in Punjabi also. Even after 3 months of request, no college has come up with sign boards in Punjabi.
  5. None of the schools sign board is written Punjabi even though Home Secretary directions.

Question to be asked

If South India can have three language formula then why Chandigarh administration cannot have three language formula in real sense where sudents can study Punjabi till 10th class so that they will be eligibale to apply for job in future.


  1. Report will be submitted to His Excellency Shiraj Patil, Administrator of Chandigarh Administration to implement three language formula in real sense.
  2. Letter  is written to SSP, Chandigarh to have Hindi experts in Police station so that proper FIRs can be written in Hindi. Request is made to write FIRs in Punjabi also.
  3. General awareness campaign will be started to bring awareness of reading of Magazines and news papers.
  4. Door to Door request will be made to have subscription of Punjabi magazines and news papers.
  5. Punjabi class will be started to teach Punjabi to willing people.

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