Patrons, writers, followers celebrate Maa Boli Diwas

Amritsar, Punjab: A report by UNESCO came as a warning for the Punjabi language and its deteriorating status among the next generation. But the Folklore Research Academy in the city made it a point to keep the promotion and development of Punjab’s ‘maa boli’ their motto. The patrons, writers, followers and torch-bearers of the language celebrated the annual literary dedication to the language by commencing the two-day Maa Boli Diwas in the city.

The event opened through a promotional march led by Ramesh Yadav, president, Folklore Research Academy. The march started from Virsa Vihar and progressed towrads the SR College for Gilrs. The march was joined by youngsters, school and college students along with the scholars and patrons of the Punjabi language.

“Punjabi is the 11th largest language spoken in the world and is not restricted to a particular community or religion. Its vocabulary is richer than most popular languages. So, such irresponsible and thoughtless desicions don’t help but kill the language,” says Ramesh Yadav.

“But the fact is that it’s time we realise that we have to promote the language, especially amongst the youth. I believe that Punjabi is not a technology-friendly language in today’s time but it definitely becomes important for the younger generation to fill in the gaps. And so we have involved them in our Maa Boli Divas celebrations.

The cultural event also had Pakistani counterparts filling in the gaps. A musical afternoon was presented by Pakistani singer Javed Hussain and the likes. With popular Punjabi magazines, “Akhar” and “Preet Lari” almost becoming a legend and Punjabi theatre thriving, the youth are participating to stay connected to their mother tongue. Lending a competitive touch to Punjabi and celebrating the mother tongue, the Maa Boli festival in the previous years has had students coming up with Punjabi poetry, speeches, literary ideas, multimedia presenations and cultural activities to promote the language.

Source: The Tribune

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