New White House Initiative Brings Hope to Disadvantaged Youth

Washington, DC, US: On February 28th, 2014, President Obama unveiled his, “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative, which focuses on helping every disadvantaged youth find opportunities. Boys and young men of color, who are willing to work hard, will now have a new pipeline for mentorship, support networks, and skills. The Sikh community, in particular, is encouraged to partner with local businesses and organizations to help the next generation of Sikhs go to college and find good jobs. With recent news and involvement of young Sikhs getting involved in gang activity in neighborhoods and cities, such as Richmond Hill, Queens, and Vancouver, B.C., the timing of this initiative could not have been more imperative.

We at UNITED SIKHS have been working with Sikh community members who have asked us for help to bring positive influences to the youth in their community. As we continue to build a strong partnership with the parents of our youth and their respective communities, it is also important for Sikh leaders to engage young Sikhs across the U.S.A. and Canada. This is an issue of national importance. UNITED SIKHS believes every child deserves a chance and will continue to engage in dialogue to assure our youth stay on the right path to reach their full potential.

As President Obama noted in his speech, “They never gave up on me, and so I didn’t give up on myself.” This is the notion we need to instill in the youth facing obstacles in our community. If you would like to get involved, please contact United Sikhs at or call 646-688-3525.

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