Ottawa, Canada: Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair sent a clear message today that the NDP will steadfastly continue to defend human rights, in reaction to the Parti Québécois’ proposed Charter of Values.

“Human rights are a fundamental principle in a democratic society. We don’t believe that this charter conforms to this value,” said Mr. Mulcair.

Canada’s New Democrats have long been active defenders of human rights. The NDP was the only federal party that took an active part in the Bouchard-Taylor Commission in 2007, submitting a detailed brief defending minority rights based on the values and beliefs of New Democrats.

“We are profoundly disappointed that the PQ is using such a sensitive issue to try to score political points,” said Mr. Mulcair. “Human rights don’t have a best before date. They are not temporary. And they are not a popularity contest.”

Québec, like Canada, is an open and modern society composed of many cultures and traditions living together. New Democrat’s believe that legislators have a duty to find solutions that bring people together, not propose ideas that divide them.

The NDP believes that using fear and playing politics on these sensitive issues is the wrong approach. The NDP will always stand up for minorities and work with all Canadians to find solutions.

Source: NDPCOM@parl.gc.ca

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