More SAD, SGPC men throng shrines

Kaithal, Haryana: Even as the situation continues to be tense at historic Cheeka Gurdwara Patshahi 6th and 9th, devotees thronging it amid the recital of Gurbani through loudspeakers somehow absorb the negativity. SAD workers and SGPC members, sitting inside the gurdwara, have been observing all visitors without troubling anyone.

“Tusi kaun ho bhai sahib, kinu milna hai, kitho aaye ho, ki naam hai (who are you, brother? Whom do you want to meet and from where are you? And what’s your name?),” a turbaned man with grey beard, standing near the main gate, fired these questions on this reporter when he asked the way to the room of gurdwara manager. But when this reporter gave his introduction in Punjabi, Kulwant singh, a SAD worker from Barnala district, said: “Aasi sochiya kite Haryana CID wale ho (we thought you are from the Haryana CID wing).”

More than 150 SAD workers from Sangrur, Barnala and Malerkotla along with six SGPC members are camping in the gurdwara to thwart any attempt of the Haryana Police and the HSGPC to take its possession. Several SAD workers and leaders are also camping at Gurdwara Sahib 9th Patshahi, Jind, and Gurdwara Dhamtan Sahib. But most of them are on the move and their strength keeps on changing to avoid any problem with the local police and intelligence officers.

Nada Sahib gurdwara turns fortress

Nada Sahib (Panchkula): The situation is no different at Gurdwara Nada Sahib. SGPC leaders are continuously addressing gatherings in a convention hall of the gurdwara, while the local police in plain clothes stand guard in and around here. All roads leading to the shrine have strong pickets of police personnel with the riot-control vehicle around the gurdwara. Sucha Singh Langha, a member of the SGPC core committee, claims that it was a ‘Dharma Yudh Morcha’ and they would fight to the end.

Buzz at Yamunanagar gurdwara

Yamunanagar: Gurdwara Pahli (first) and Dasvi (10th) Patshahi” in Kapal Mochan village here is buzzing with activities. Senior Akali leaders, including ex-Education Minister Upenderjit Kaur, and many SGPC men are camping on the gurdwara premises.

Source: The Tribune

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