Mohinder Grewal’s book on crop diversification will make a difference, say academicians

Ludhiana, Punjab: National award recipient and former member of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices, Government of India, Mohinder Grewal’s book ‘Crop diversification for sustainable agriculture—A practical guide’ is being anticipated to be a grand leap ahead in the field of innovative farming and sustainable agricultural growth.

Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon, Vice Chancellor, Punjab Agricultural University, who released the book, said, “The book highlights innovations in farm operations, simple techniques of mechanisation and indigenous ways of rationalising the use of inputs for optimising farm returns. On several occasions, even foreign dignitaries, farmers and students have visited his model scientific farm to see the innovations that Grewal has made in the farming practices. I have myself visited the farm and was astonished to see Grewal’s hard work and dedication.”

Dr Gurdev Singh Khush, professor, University of California, Davis, USA, claims that farmers need to follow steps shown by Mohinder Singh Grewal.

Dr GS Kalkat, chairman, Punjab State Farmers’ Commission, said, “Grewal has shown ways to improve small-farm income. He has become a role model for farmers not only in Punjab but also at the national-level. For increasing farm income, farmers should grow high-value crops such as vegetables and fruits.”

Dr RS Paroda, chairman, Haryana State Farmers’ Commission and former director general of ICAR, said, “The book will be very useful for farmers in Asia-Pacific region, and also in some of the African countries such as Nigeria and Ethiopia.”

Dr Balwinder Singh Sidhu, Agriculture Commissioner, Punjab, Chandigarh, said Grewal has developed several innovations to augment the returns from his small holding of about four hectares.

Dr SS Johal, Chancellor, Central University of Punjab, said, “Mohinder Singh Grewal has done pioneering work in the field of agriculture. I have suggested the Vice Chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) to suggest his name for Padam Shree award, since this innovative farmer has paved way for other farmers to grow.”

“My attempt, all through, has been to make the knowledge of diversified farming thoroughly popular among farmers. Since crop diversification has now become an urgent need of the hour, I wish that maximum number of stakeholders should profit out of it and leave aside redundant traditional farming and come out with innovative techniques to become self-dependent,” said Mohinder Singh Grewal.

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