Message by Guribadat Singh on FIBA Turban Ban

With the grace of God, I have been the youngest Sikh to climb Mt. Everest at the age of 17. I faced many challenges and due to frost stricken hair at the altitude of 29,000 ft at -39 degrees Celsius, I was asked to cut my hair to save myself. I refused to compromise on my Faith and God helped me turnaround my health complete my climb.

Guribadat Singh

Sikhs are known for their Hair and Turban. Both are an essential part of our identity and we never compromise on it.

Sadly, on 12 July 2014, FIBA labelled Patka as Dangerous and barred two Sikh players from wearing it minutes before their game. These two players took the call of the duty and played to win a historic match against China. I never thought Patka or a Turban can be dangerous. Do you agree? Is this a joke?

I would request all citizens worldwide to join us in this crusade against a very discriminatory decision by FIBA. Please join hands and Sign the online Petition on #LetSikhsPlay

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