Lightning strikes UK gurdwara, one injured

London, UK: Worshippers at a gurdwara in the British city of Leicester had a lucky escape after its roof collapsed after being struck by lightning.

CCTV footage showed that a group of elderly women were singing hymns at the Ramgarhia Sikh temple in Leicester on January 25 when a bolt of lightning struck, blowing a hole in the roof and sending worshippers fleeing in panic.

The rear wall and roof of the temple collapsed, the media reported. One person, who suffered minor injuries, was discharged after treatment at a hospital. Gurdwara president Indy Panesar told Leicester Mercury that it could have been a lot worse as there were 250 people in the prayer room about halfan-hour before the strike.

“There were about 20 people in the main prayer hall, with some of them being old women,” Leicester Mercury quoted Panesar as saying.

“It is a miracle that no one was seriously hurt or killed,” Panesar said. He said the gurdwara’s holy scriptures were not damaged in the roof fall.

Source: HT

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