Kingsley students enjoy learning about the Sikh faith

UK: AS part of Kingsley College’s commitment to providing a multi-cultural education to its pupils, year nine students recently took part in a religious education immersion day.

The focus for the special day was Sikhism and the school welcomed in guest Roop Singh, a storyteller who uses his life experience to teach people some of the key ideas and beliefs of Sikhism.

His story and presentation were very interactive with symbols and turban creation being an essential part.

Students also took part in workshops to examine some of the more subtle aspects of the faith. A school spokesman said it is really important for students to experience other cultures and ideas so that they are better able to empathise with varying cultures.

Students will be going on to produce displays about what they learnt on the day and will be visiting the Birmingham Central Mosque to further extend their cultutal horizons in the summer term.

Following the visit by Roop Singh, one student said: “Roop was great. He taught us about Sikhism and all the different aspects of the faith. It was a really interesting talk he gave and the workshop was good fun.”

Source: Redditch Advertiser

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