Haryana Gurdwara Committee: Five Facts You Need To Know

1) Until the formation of the separate committee for Haryana Gurdwaras, the Akali-dominated SGPC had control over Gurdwaras in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh.

2) SGPC has a total of 190 members, out of which 170 are elected. From the elected members, 157 are from Punjab, 11 from Haryana and one each from Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh. Haryana Sikhs had complained over lack of representation in the SGPC, as well as lack of initiatives by the SGPC in Haryana. Interestingly, most positions in Haryana Sikh institutions are filled by employees sent by SGPC from Punjab, rather than local Haryana Sikhs being hired.

3) Estimated annual revenue from Haryana Gurdwaras is Rs. 107 Crore, or roughly $18 Million USD. Haryana Sikhs claim that the revenue generated from the Gurdwaras there is spent in Punjab rather than in Haryana.

4) A number of SGPC funded institutions have now been transferred to private trusts. For example, Miri Piri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research in Shahabad, is now operated by a trust, with Parkash Badal as its President. Makkar and Bibi Jagir Kaur are other board members.

5) While there is a huge uproar over the formation of HSGPC, there is no fuss about a separate Gurdwara Committee in Delhi. It is also important to note that SGPC has no control over Gurdwaras run by the Damdami Taksal, Nihung Dals, Nanaksar, Rara Sahib and dozens of other institutions; however it maintains positive relation with many of these organizations. A different treatment is however being given to Haryana Sikhs.

Source: PunjabiSikhSangat.Org

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