German Government charges Indian man with spying on Sikh organization

Berlin, Germany: Federal prosecutors arrested 45-year-old Indian man with spying in Germany. The German government has laid charges against a 45 year old Indian for foreign interference.

The man, identified only as Ranjit S. in accordance with German privacy laws, is accused of spying on members of a Sikh organization in Germany in early 2013, prosecutors said in a statement Monday. He then passed on information to “an Indian secret service” and was paid for his information, the prosecutors said without providing any further details.

Prosecutors say the suspect was charged in Koblenz in February.

For many years, Sikh Canadians have expressed similar concerns of foreign interference and spying.  The recent news raises suspicion that the practice of spying by Indian nationals on Sikh Organizations and the Diaspora is patterned and that the recent developments in Germany are not an isolated case.

Source: SAN

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