Fauja has the world at his feet

Ludhiana, Punjab: Even at the age of 102, Fauja Singh exemplifies enthusiasm and buoyant attitude towards life.

He was in the city to attend a programme organised by Pingalwara Charitable Organisation and visited a couple of media houses, including The Tribune.

The enthusiastic demeanour and sense of humour have not faded beneath those wrinkles as he shares anecdotes and often breaks into laughter while making a jest, even now.

When asked if he would like to get a biopic made on his life like that of Milkha Singh, he laughed saying at this age, he would not suggest to anyone to make a movie on him, but if someone would want to make a film on his life, he wouldn’t say no, he grinned.

Talking about drug addiction among the youth, he said it was the biggest tragedy of Punjab. Youngsters are an asset and they should take care of their health.

His running and walking even at this age is perhaps God’s way of compensation, as he had barely started walking at the age of five due to some ailment, he said. But he started farming early and used to irrigate the land manually and never used tractor in his entire life.

He regrets not having been able to attain any formal education.

He said, “Education is invaluable. But education and wisdom are two different things and formal education doesn’t ensure practical wisdom. These are two different paths. So many well-educated people remain stuck in the rut of life while there are some uneducated people who enjoy life through their wisdom,” he said. Talking about his daily schedule, he said he walked four hours a day, which acted as a medicine for him. “Although he has been advised not to walk long distances in India as he can be kidnapped for ransom,” he joked.

Source: The Tribune

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