Create interfaith group for peace in India

New Delhi: The Sikh Forum today called for constituting an ‘inter-faith group’ with members of all the religions in order to spread peace and harmony and avoid killing of innocent people in the name of religion.

It also suggested making a report on Operation Blue Star to provide all information about the incident.

Taking part in an annual discussion organized by the Sikh Forum to introspect on the Operation Blue Star, held on June 5, 1984, an eminent advocate, HS Phoolka, said that a middle path needs to be adopted where the like-minded people should guide society to help it shun the path of violence.

“Humanism should be adopted as the highest religion and this can be done through an inter-faith group. This group should comprise members from all the religions. Keeping aside its vested interests, the group should monitor and guide the religious groups,” said Phoolka.

The Operation Blue Star was an Indian government-led operation for the seizure of militants hiding inside the Golden Temple.

“We have reached a situation where it has become Sikhs versus government. The government says something whereas we claim something else. They have more means to convey their messages while we have limited resources. This has been continuing for decades,” he added.

The members recognized the need to create a document on the Operation Blue Star to record the facts and figures of the incident.

“We do not have a single genuine proof of documents or data to analyse what had actually happened. A holistic report should be created by way of research,” said Col. Nirmal Singh (Retd).

“The government must not forget that India can never achieve the pursuit of national glory unless its minorities feel safe and secure,” said Dr AS Narang, a professor.

Source: The Tribune

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