City lads take to music to promote Sikhism

Ludhiana, Punjab: At the young age of 24, Tavleen Singh with his team dared to present something ‘unusual’ for the Punjabi music listeners. With an intention to bring Sikhism and human values as sighted by gurus to the young generation, he composed the music for a Punjabi movie wrapped up in western taste.

Tavleen’s team, includes singers Padam Syan, Jassimran Keer, Vgrooves, Gurdeep Singh Saini, rapper GD Singh and other featuring vocalists Harnav Bir Singh and Bir Inder Singh Sidhu.

Under the banner of ‘Artusion records’, Tavleen Singh along with his team members composed the music of upcoming movie ‘Proud to be a Sikh’, and released its music in city on Monday.

Tavleen said, “It was not an easy task to convince the producers to bring out hip-hop or pop music in the songs of the movie, as they all were reluctant and hesitant to do such experiment. But for me it was worth putting up my efforts in convincing them. Now, when I uploaded the songs on youtube, it got a very warm response.”

Talking about the idea, an engineer turned music composer Tavleen, said, “I believe in Sikhism and its value to the core. So, I felt to bring these value-based lyrics in a format that is accepted by today’s generation.” Despite being composed in hip-hop, pop, rap, sufi fusion or dubstep style, the essence of the song will relate to the values of humanity. Now, these songs will have a wider reach. Movie has four tracks, ‘What’s that’ in hip-hop genre, ‘Singha’ in hip-hop and sufi fusion, ‘Sikhi te Maan’ in Punjabi dubstep and ‘Talwaar’ in Bollywood-style stage track. Movie will release on New Year. Writer of the songs Jaideep Saarang found the new treatment to songs very interesting. He said, “What matters is the message that we want to convey to the listeners. If the message reaches the listeners in an easy and acceptable manner, what’s wrong in that?” He finds song treatment good that connects to the soul. Director of Ishmeet Music Institute and director general of Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle Charan Kanwal Singh said the music composition at first depends on demand of the story, but if the boys composed music with an intention of promoting the good values among youth, it’s appreciable. But he slightly differentiated with the views of music composers of movie, who viewed that traditional music does not appeals the present generation. Singh said, “Music soothes the souls only when it has very good quality, then it doesn’t matter in what genre it has been composed.”

Source: HT

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