Who started the fight at San Jose Sikh Temple

The brawl that happened last week at San Jose Sikh Temple brought shame to the flourishing Sikh community of Bay Area. California Sikh Sangat was first confused and then angry at this event. Sangat wants to know what happened and this is our attempt to provide the facts to the general public in a non-biased true non-paid journalism. Background Baba ...

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San Jose Sikh Gurdwara Sahib Elections 2015

In ideal situation, there should be no dispute, wrangling, or expensive court cases over the control of our Gurdwaras. But this is not the case and we all face an unsavory situation in San Jose with elections this week. I have intentionally tried to keep away from getting involved in the politics. However I am deeply concerned about the impact ...

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Fight in Delhi will be between BJP and Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi, India: Aam Aadmi Party leader Manish Sisodia has stood by party leader Arvind Kejriwal through thick and thin. In an interview with HT, he says AAP will not be soft on the BJP’s strongman and PM Narendra Modi. How do you respond to the perception that AAP is going soft on Modi to attract BJP voters? It’s not true. ...

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