Birth Of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Saved Indian population From Being converted to Muslim Country

India: Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji A Saint Soldier Not only Sprinkled the Continued Guru’s Spiritual Peace in 10th body that any Individual can find within them self while in this world but Also Blocked & Stopped the Fanatics Muslim Rulers Atrocities on helpless Indian population. Guru Gobind Singh ji indiscriminately Give away everything for helpless & poor population including his on life, His Father, mother 4 Sons. 10 Guru’s Lived from 1st Guru nanak Dev ji thru 10th Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Any one looking for real Spirituality or internal peace as there followers are called Sikh’s Who get the Same Spiritual peace and Guidance From Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. When you understand, feel the peace within & Accept & bring the daily discipline in your life you are called a Amritdhari Sikh or Khalsa or You can say a admission into Spiritual college for degree or Graduate Student. Khalsa is Pure selfless without any sins that come after being Sikh. Its easy to be being called a Khalsa for every Sikh but hard to be a Khalsa. Read the any Khalsa’s History to see examples of there life. Now in modern times¬†many

still appreciate the historical savior events & truth But Now the New Ruler majority fanatic hindu (Opressed & unable to save there own families in Muslim times) have begun to insult This Great Faith and followers in Same Country and land, By the ways of discriminatory laws, unserved justice, rewarding and encourging anti Sikh propoganda and event, and anything else possible or available to a ruling majority. Only Suggestion one can give is to educate your self and family or friends to your culture faith and roots otherwise your are just an ABC FBC C or L or ! now ask me what that means.

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