Bhagwant Mann Raises Women’s Rights Issues During Parliament Session

New Delhi, India: Dressed in his iconic kesri dastar mimicking the style of Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh, the Sangrur MP raised several issues relating to the rights of women.

Mann stated that female infanticide is a growing concern in Punjab and has affected its population in many ways. He also spoke about the majority of women schools having inadequate resources and facilities, including lack of toilets and drinking facilities.

Bhagwant Mann shared quotes from Guru Nanak Dev Ji in which the first Sikh Guru speaks about high status of and respect for women. He said that due to a lack of proper transportation to school and other problems, families were choosing not to send their daughters to schools. He also talked about the dowry system that is prevalent in Punjab and India.

Talking about a recent brutal assault on Punjabi teachers by Punjab police, he asked why policemen were allowed to cane-charge women.

Bhagwant Mann has raised several issues of importance to Punjabis, as well as Sikhs, in the Parliament. He says the kesri dastar represents free spirit of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and he considers that, along with his white kurta, as his parliament uniform.

Source: HT

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