Baisakhi festivities keep the tradition alive

Amritsar, Punjab: The holy city prepares for yet another display of the rich culture and values through the Baisakhi festivities.

A vibrant and exhilarating festival, Baisakhi is typically Punjabi in its celebrations, be it in villages or big cities. Colourful dresses, langar, bhangra and dhol beats are enough proof of the prosperity it is associated with.

But one thing that stands out is its status of being an important festive platform to keep some traditions alive.

“Amongst bhangra and gidda performances, the festival connects us to our rich past. It is important in the Punjabi tradition as it celebrates the simple yet powerful culture of Punjab,” says DS Rataul, Deputy Director, PR, Khalsa College Governing Council.

Celebrating Baisakhi at their educational institutions, students indulge in entertaining acts of bhangra and gatka martial arts.

“We teach gatka and martial arts as a part of school sports curriculum as these serve the purpose of keeping several other baisakhi traditions celebrated by us through generations alive. Baisakhi is also a festival of `positive approach to life’ and a celebration of old and new,” he adds.

Akal Purakh Ki Fauj, a cultural NGO, will be celebrating the festival by spreading the message of keeping the cultural identity alive.

“We have planned a ‘Dastaar March’ on the auspicious day. The procession will be held from the Hall Bazzar to the Golden Temple, with placards encouraging and glorifying ‘Sikhi Swaroop’, said Jaswinder Singh, advocate and president of the NGO.

Of course amidst the cultural calls would be colourful bhangra and gatka performances.

“Festivals in Punjab have cultural and historical importance and through such activities we want to make sure the current generations know and identify these, not just for fun and enjoyment but for the values they stand for. Baisakhi is one such important festival.

Source: The Tribune

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