Badal can win Nobel for corruption: Capt

Chadigarh, Punjab: SARCASM Amarinder says instead of hankering after awards like Panth Rattan and Nobel Prize, CM must apologise to people for betrayal of trust.

Ridiculing BJP minister Tikshan Sud’s demand for a Nobel Prize to Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal, PPCC president Captain Amarinder Singh said Sud must clarify in which category it should be given. Addressing the Punjab Bachao rally, he added, “have heard about people getting Nobel Prize in literature, peace or science, but never in corruption.“

He said Badal himself had orchestrated this campaign through the people who owed their positions to his discretion. “What is Badal’s contribution to the world or panth,“ he asked.

Instead of dreaming about the honours, Badal should feel ashamed and apologise to the people for betraying their trust, he added.

He said Badal had brought Punjab to the verge of socio-economic collapse. He pointed out that the economy was in doldrums; industry was deserting the state, while agriculture was no longer remunerative.

He said Punjab needed massive industrialisation and investment to generate jobs and resources and diversification of agriculture was needed.

Strongly opposing wheat-paddy cycle, he said Punjab needed high value crops. He promised more industry and irrigation facilities to the kandi and border belts.

He warned that if voted to power, the Congress would not spare erring officers and political persons. “Assi choorian nahin paa ke baithe“, he asserted.

He said, he had set up a dedicated fund of Rs 450 crore for welfare schemes after imposing a special cess on liquor which the Akalis withdrew since they thought they were losing liquor business, which was under their control.

Source: HT

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