Andrew Cash reacts to the tabling of the Charter of Values

Ottawa, Canada: Today, in response to the Charter of Values being tabled in Quebec, Multiculturalism Critic Andrew Cash (Davenport) reaffirmed the NDP’s commitment to protect minority religious rights.

“The NDP believes in the equality of all citizens and this bill goes against this fundamental principle,” said Cash. “This bill is divisive, counter-productive and sends the wrong message.”

New Democrats believe that Quebec values, are values of inclusion and openness, and that Quebecers will gain nothing with a Charter that will encourage the opposite.

“As we remember our veterans in the month of November, including those that fought with their turbans in both World War I and II, it is unacceptable for a nurse, doctor or teacher to be told they will lose job for wearing their turban or headscarf,” Added Cash. “We need to remember those that defended this country with admiration and respect – Canadians can expect that under the leadership of Tom Mulcair, New Democrats will do exactly that.”

Source: Amneet Singh, Press Secretary

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