Amritsar society to open weekend schools for NRIs

Ludhiana,Panjab: In what it describes as an attempt to teach Punjabi NRIs ‘value education’, the Amritsar-based Chief Khalsa Dewan Charitable Society is set to open weekend schools in the United Kingdom, Canada, US and Australia, in which, it will offer courses on ragis, dhadhi and the dharm pracharak apart from imparting value education on the gurbani.

In the city on Friday to participate in the 64th Sarab Hind Sikh Educational Conference, which will conclude on November 11, the president of the society, Inderjit Singh Chadha, said: “ Gurdwara committees are already running weekend schools in a few pockets in the UK and Canada. After this conference we will be making our own committees abroad so that we can organise such weekend schools. We want to give the new generation values and moral education as well. Not only Punjabis, even foreigners are also coming in such weekend schools. We will provide them Punjabi teachers.”

He added that the organisation will also focus on its subsidiaries in Mumbai, Kanpur, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Ludhiana and a few other places. The Chief Khalsa Dewan runs about 45 schools and 2 colleges across the state.

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