Amritsar city’s sewerage system to be revamped

Amritsar, Punjab: The outdated and often-clogged, age-old sewerage system of the holy city, carrying water sullage for the past many decades, will soon be revamped .

The Rs 360-crore project is likely to start from the next year as the central and state governments have principally approved of the upgradation of the system. Under the project, 480 km of sewerage system would be constructed to replace the old system.

The Commissioner, MC, D.P.S. Kharbanda, said a Japanese bank had principally agreed to finance and fund the ambitious project, which would streamline the working of the system and help improve the sanitation and hygiene of the holy city.

He said the project would be handled by the Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board, the nodal agency appointed by the state government.

He said Amritsar was the only city in the state, which had got this approval and the project would be funded by a foreign bank. He said three sullage and sewerage treatment plants would be established in different locations of the city to treat the water, which would be recycled.

He said the corporation and the state government would partially provide funds while the Japanese bank would provide the major funding.

Source: TNS

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  1. Jagjit singh mukandpuri

    Waheguru bless all, out of 360 crores money, how much go in pockets of all concerned people and how much on the project of sewrage of holy city Amritsar?

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