Who killed 35 Sikhs at Chattisinghpora?

ChattisinghporaSrinagar, J&K: Jagdish Singh Azad, 60, is one of the Sikh leaders who motivated his community to stay back in Valley in 1990 when majority of the Kashmiri Pandits left after armed insurgency broke out in Kashmir.

Almost 20-years down the line, Azad feels that his decision was right. “I was young at that time, but decided that we should stay back with our Muslim brethren in the hour of crisis. Though several elements within Sikh community were instigating people to migrate, we resisted. It would have been breach of trust with Muslim brethren if we would have left,” Azad who recently joined National Conference told Greater Kashmir.

On Chattisinghpora massacre where 35 Sikhs were killed by unidentified gunmen in 2000, he said, “We have been demanding impartial probe into the incident for the past nine years. At that time we requested governments of India, Punjab and J&K to probe the matter, but nothing came out. It has created doubts in the minds of Sikh as who killed 35 innocents that night.”

“It seems it was handiwork of some agency to create differences between Muslims and Sikhs in the state. But Muslims stood by Sikhs in that hour of crisis and showed centuries old tradition of living in communal harmony,” he added.

He alleged that several organizations were playing politics over human rights violations in Kashmir. “Nobody should be allowed to play politics over the miseries of the Kashmiris.”

Azad says that Sikh community acknowledges that Kashmir is a disputed territory. “It is an internationally accepted dispute and should be resolved through peaceful means. India, Pakistan and leadership of Kashmir should sit together to find a viable solution of the problem.”
He termed autonomy as best solution of the problem. “It will restore our dignity and is the most viable solution which should be acceptable to all the parties involved in the dispute.”

On his decision to join NC, Azad said, “It is the party of masses and always protected the interests of the minorities. NC founder Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah gave representation to the Sikhs in every field. But unfortunately after his death, the process stopped. Now I have high hopes that Omar Abdullah will give fair representation to the Sikhs.”

He regretted Sikhs were not given any representation in the Working Groups on Kashmir.” Every community was involved in WGs, but Sikhs were ignored which is unfortunate.”

Source: Greater Kashmir


  1. Eteicbiebgeubegeoeno

    I have always noted a repressed hidden hostility in sikh minds towards hindus which most hindus cannot understand and which I never understood until I came to tehse sites. Sikh websites are typical anti-india, anti-hindu with full of hate and insult for hindu religion customs and and pro-muslim. It is always that the hindu and only very rarely that the muslim is blamed for atrocities against Sikhs. Conspiracy theories by hindus against sikhs are invented and facts are distorted. The sikh and even the muslim is shown as oppressed and the hindu is shown as the oppressor. Very little or no mention is made of the fate of dhimmis, Christians, hindus, ahmadias, shias in muslim Pakistan whereas the fate of dalits and other religious minorities in india is shown in very bad light. The hindu is demonized in almost all forums of sikh websites and communities. But nobody no sikh no muslim nobody can hide the fact. The fact is that muslims do not allow more than 20000 sikhs to live in pakistan whereas more than 50 lakh Sikhs live outside punjab in hindu-majority states of india and are flourishing. Very easily the blame is laid on Taliban but the fact is that the Sikhs and other minorities were suffering very much even before 1995 when Taliban came to Pakistan. It was not only the Taliban that brutalized the non-muslims of Pakistan but the common muslim who was torturing non muslims in Pakistan. I urge the Sikhs to show some respect at least for their forefathers. 100 times more hindus come to sikh temples than muslims or other religions but still the sikh is praying for the destruction of hindu. the sikhs have stooped very low and lost all sense of what is right and wrong in their hidden friendship with muslims and these low stooped Sikhs are justifying the atrocities of muslims against hindus and other religions. Sikhs give the excuse of 1984 for justifying their immoral acts. Sikhs have conveniently forgotten millions of Sikhs killed by muslims during 1947 and for two centuries before that and some have even forgiven that but have a very different attitude for hindus. What about thousands of hindus and even innocent Sikhs killed by sikh militants after 1984 in Punjab? It was all planned by the muslim mind where humanity died. Hindus and Sikhs who were brothers became enemies. The clear winner was Pakistan. There is no point in constructing new temples when the spirit of the sikh religion is dead. I respect the sikh religion very much and read the guru granth sahib but have lost all respect for the living Sikhs after seeing their double face, lies and hidden evil alliance with muslims who aspire to kill hindus and other religious minorities. The indian and pakistani muslim is showing too much love for Sikhs in india but cannot give a place for even 50000 sikhs to live in Pakistan. Just one sikh is made soldier in Pakistan army and the Sikhs shower love on Pakistan and muslims but are willing to betray and stab the Indian army in its back which has more than 1 lakh sikh soldiers. The Indian army could have recruited lakhs of hindus and Christians who get rejected instead of Sikhs but the Sikhs not willing to see this. At least a patriot hindu or Christian is better than a traitor sikh as a soldier. Even many Christians and dalits hate high class hindus very much but they never talk of back stabbing india like we hear the Sikhs staying in india talking about stabbing india and hindus. The Christians have removed murder and violence from their thinking against hindus but the sikh is being encouraged by the muslim mind to keep it. How low will the Sikhs stoop in their judgment and behavior towards hindus? Time to protect humanity and preserve the teachings of sikh religion otherwise the sikh religion will be swallowed by muslims. Sikh religion is flourishing in hindu india but dead and present only in namesake in muslim Pakistan. Even a small act of goodness by muslim to sikh is praised by millions of Sikhs but the same act by a hindu is condemened as fake by most Sikhs. The Sikhs have indeed stooped very low. No sikh can shout sikh slogans in Pakistan because they know that it will not be tolerated and they know their fate but even in a part like india in hindu majority south india which did not have any sikh just 50 years ago, Sikhs take out processions in even small towns without any restriction and still the Sikhs demonize the hindus and are willing to sell them to muslims. There is no place for Sikhs or other religions in any muslim land be it Pakistan or muslim parts of india. It is very sad and a great tragedy that the Sikhs who have always been seen as good heart people and trustworthy have stooped so low in their friendship with muslims. There is an urgent need to reform the sikh thinking otherwise the Sikhs will sink even further in their judgment of others and the sikh religion will be swallowed by muslims. See faithfreedom.org for the real face of muslim. The Sikhs are misguided by the muslims. Don’t trust the muslim. He does not have any respect for any non muslim. A sunni muslim cannot tolerate even a shia or ahmadiya how can he respect a sikh? Do some google on ahmadiya and you will get answers. Hindus have realized their inhuman treatment of dalits and are trying to reform but there is very little humanity in muslims. Even many Sikhs insult and treat badly fellow Sikhs who do not follow their style of sikh religion strictly. Muslims do not respect even sikh gurus how will they respect mortal Sikhs.


    IT is a great sorrow that millions are died in struggles demanding autonomy withweapons , forces countring them and in between them in the world. In the present situations one can not get it with weapons and no body is giving by peacefull efforts. This is the tragedy of the nations demanding autonomy. As far as the killings of 35 innocent sikhsof Chattisinghpora about twenty years ago is concerned that was only one example of mass killings of Sikh community happened in Jammu-Kashmir and it happened a night before before the arrival of U S president Bill Clitton. It looks like that these killings of sikh comminity were done specially to attrack the US president. My opinion was and is that their lives were sacrificed by special people meant for it.

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