Who is the Punjab’s new DGP Suresh Arora?

Amritsar, Punjab: Soon after the announcement of placing Suresh Arora as Punjab’ new DGP, Sikh community raised strong voice against his character and termed him as another Genocidal killer Cop.

“Sumedh Saini has been transferred,” Punjab Home Secretary Jagpal Sandhu said, adding that he was given the new charge as Chairman of the Police Housing Corporation. Suresh Arora replaced Sumedh Saini.

Arora, a 1982-batch IPS officer, was serving as the Director-General of Police-cum-Chief Director, Vigilance Bureau.

New DGP served as SSP in mostly all areas of Punjab. During 1980’s Suresh Arora was posted as SP (Headquarters), Amritsar, during Operation Black Thunder I, and as SSP Amritsar at the time of Operation Black Thunder II. He played main role in eliminating thousands of Sikh Youth while he was head of interrogation center based in Amritsar.

The new DGP, Suresh Arora, has served as SSP in almost all districts, besides serving as the DIG, CM Security, after the assassination of then chief minister Beant Singh.

1980’s DGP KP Gill along with his trusted aides such as Sumedh Saini, Ajit Sandhu, Swaran Ghotna, Suresh Arora along with many others killed more than 250,000 Sikh Youth within 10 years.

The infamous Police officer Swarn Ghotna used to interrogate Sikh youths often at CIA Staff Jalandhar. In the name of interrogation many youth were inhumanely tortured. Swarn Ghotna was the loyal servant of SSP Suresh Arora, at his behest Ghotna would torture many singhs till unconsciousness and then eliminate them.

A postgraduate in law from the University of London, Arora has won various gallantry medals and awards, including the President’s Meritorious Medal, the Distinguished Service Medal and the Prakram Medal for his works against Sikh revolution of 1980’s and 90’s.

The Election Commission of India had appointed Suresh Arora as the Director General of Police of Punjab ahead of the last Lok Sabha poll.

He was selected from among three officers, whose names were forwarded to the ECI by the state government for the post, after DGP Saini had proceeded on a long leave ahead of the poll, following which the Congress had sought his removal from the post.


  1. Hindus culture was build on lies, lies and they blame others for their backward culture from raping girls to burning and murdering sikhs.Sikhs are slowly waking up. We sikhs are doing well abroad and we are educating ourselfs, give us time, just like you hindus was give to dominate india by british; we too will in the long run get justice. We have alot of young sikhs in the miliitar around the world. They have a sikh defence minister in canada now. We are coming for punjab with an education and high IQ leaders who wont suck up too the diaper wearing hindus.

  2. Normal people bet coffee or simple things. Its a friendly way of trusting someone. But i forgot in india were policeman are crooks bet on people lives, and property. India is a land of crooks.

  3. To Harman
    When I read your comments, It tells me that you are raised with some hatred-ness against Hindus. Sikhism is not Religion It is PANTH.Do you think Sikhs came on the earth like Adam and Eve .They did not ,Ever Hindu Family gave Guru JI( Who is also Hindu) their elder son for cause of Guru Ji to Fight against Muslim armies.
    So every Sikh today and tomorrow will be Hindu’s family member. All Punjabis pray everyday for peace in Punjab and who don’t pray for peace are not Punjabis.
    There were no atrocities against Hindus in Punjab in 80’s and early 90’s as you commented,Atrocities were against Punjabis, It was Punjabis that suffer not Hindus or Sikhs. As Punjabis we stood together and got ride of terrorism and believe my words this terrorism is not coming back ,as Punjabis we have learned to crush these anti social elements before they are born.Punjabis who are known as symbol of brotherhood ,friendship and Strength ,I have friends who believe in Sikhism, but their belief has nothing to do with our friendship. We were friends before and we will be friends all our life. No-one can teach me to start thinking against my friends. If I ever do ,that means I am culprit.
    The articles you reading and commenting on are articles with no bases.They just write cause they can write. They are baseless and example of poor journalism, Their job is to create chaos so they can monetarily benefit from public like yourself who believe that they are telling the truth.
    I have nothing against you but I think you are very misinformed and wrongly guided young man who is full of hatred-ness and like to promote same within your circle.

    The article from Global Sikh News you posted is one of the website need to shut down, They are spreading wrong message and working as anti-social elements.
    And in their heart they know they are wrong but they also know that is the only way to survive in world of idiots.

  4. This is a reason why we can never trust these punjabi hindus .They always try to save every sikh mass murderer.I bet this Rohit Sharma have the same sentiment for KPS Gill and General Brar.These punjabi hindus always show that they care for Sikhs but deep down inside they always rejoice that all that killing happened with sikhs because there parents always told them how cruel the sikh were during 1980 but somehow they forgot to mention what our gurus and people have done for to save these hindus.So they never leave a chance to back stab the sikh community.

  5. So you knew everything you posted was wrong .Just another Sikh brother believe in BS than reality.
    Now I know you are cheap too cause all you can bet is a coffee and that also tells me that your earlier information was weak.
    I don’t tell anyone how to do their job but I am very good judge of character. Suresh will do his best and will never work under any pressure.you have already witness the changes in police department and you will see police will behave under his command.
    You just cannot compare him with other police officers.
    I am glad you were good man and accepted that Suresh never worked with people like Ghotna.i have no respect for anyone who has any association with any person who has killed someone directly or indirectly.

  6. Okay lets see if your hero will arrest Ghotna. That would be a start and the end of sikh anger towards hero super moral policemanArora. I bet you a coffee nothing happens.

  7. Baldeep
    I had good conversation today with Suresh
    Now please tell me when Ghotna ever worked under Suresh ?
    Matter of the fact is that Ghotna never ever worked directly or indirectly under Suresh. So again unfortunately you are so misinformed.
    Please do check your facts before you publish them.

  8. 250,000 people killed in 10 years by police. Where do you get these stats.
    250,000 exact in 10 years exact
    Wow what a mathematical talented Punjab police
    Based on your report 25000 per year
    Can you please rethink your numbers and make them realistic . These are not even realistic numbers.
    I know you just pull those numbers out of Air or Google another assumptionist like yourself. Stop this madness, be realistic and live in real world.

  9. I don’t have to ask anyone
    Tell me one thing and Google all day long find one case against Suresh , any human right violation case any muder case any case even challan of not wear seat belt. If you find one than i will ask him.
    As high ranking officer you have to work over good , bad and ugly of your staff, just cause one person working under him at one time was bad , he automatically become bad. wow !
    Right now Sumedh is working under Suresh ,based on your assumptions and presumptions , Suresh is culprit of all the murders and abduction cases Sumaedh is involved in.
    Get your facts clear you ask me to google and I ask you to do a google
    There are people who have no knowledge of what went on in Punjab in 80’s and 90’s but they are willing to comment on everything as if they were there. Unfortunately you seems one of them.
    There is no safarish in all mighty’s home.
    Wait for next 3-4 weeks and see the changes in Punjab. You will see the culprits will be punished and peace will be restored and the person you are talking bad about will do all that inspite of you bad mouthing him.
    If you are well wisher of Punjab you should pray for peace and not start rumors to disturb peace.

  10. Rohit,

    As you know him, can you ask him whether “Swaran Singh Ghotana” was working directly under his command? I can prove that swaran worked under his orders and he was his boss. Also, please google why Swaran Singh got his infamous nickname “Ghotna”.

    He may have saved few (as system works with sifarish of this or that person) but many died illegally and Arora knows that since he is familiar with law.


  11. Most of the stuff about Suresh Arora killing youth Sikh is absolutely false
    If you think I am giving you BS
    Contact me raas777@gmail.com
    I know the person very well and I know he has gone out of the way to save young boys , I personally witnessed everything
    So stop this rumors, you will see him changing the face of Punjab police and Punjab within few weeks.

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