Who is behind Pal Singh Purewal’s Nanakshahi Calendar

Amritsar, Punjab: IHRO Team comprising Prof Anurag Singh, Advocates Khuswinder Singh Grewal and Anmol Singh Grewal, along with DS Gill, after hectic effects, research and documentation, today, completed IHRO Report, with an Observation: “How the Ecclesiastical Court of Akal Takhat was managed is not difficult to comprehend. Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti and Jathedar Balwant Singh Nandgarh are possessed souls under the influence of Purewal, and are still in his favour even after worldwide exposer of Purewal’s game-plan. In legal lexicon, it is called- ‘Quid pro Quo’ (something for something, in Latin)- DS Gill Chair IHRO

Forces Behind Purewal

Purewal’s JANTRI 500 YEARS was published during the tenure of Chief Minister Beant Singh by Punjab School Education Board in November 1994 against norms of the Board. The revised version of it is still to be published even after a lapse of 20 years. Four months later ( March 28-30,1995), Purewal is shown present by proxy in Punjab History Conference Proceedings (27th Session),held at Punjabi University Patiala during the tenure of Dr Joginder Singh Puar. It is patent from the Resume of the proceedings (pp.317-319) that Purewal did not attend the proceedings and his name is not mentioned in the Resume.

But in spite of his absence from the proceedings, his following four papers were published against all established procedure of the university:

  1. Problem of Date Conversion in Sikh History (pp.261-269);
  2. The Date of Founding of Akal Takhat Sahib (pp.283-284);
  3. The Changing Vaisakhi Date in Common Era and Proposed New Calendar for Khalsa Samvat (pp.285-289);
  4. Birth Date of Guru Nanak Dev Ji (pp.306-311).

Never in the 45 years history of Punjab History Conferences one scholar is allowed to read/present four papers in one Section. This privilege was granted to Purewal for the first and last time. It was also for the first and last time that four papers of a unknown writer were included without his attending the Conference.

Again this special privilege was granted to Purewal. Now it is upon the university authority to reveal that (i) who invited a unknown writer Purewal in the conference and what were the considerations for such privileges? If he was invited and attended the proceedings, then who recommended his name. If he attended the proceedings, then as per norms what were the comments of eminent historians, Dr J.S. Grewal, Dr S.S. Bal, Dr Kirpal Singh and other historians on these papers and Purewal’s replies.

After this introduction of Purewal to the literary world in a unique manner, Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh took over the charge of the game plan of Purewal, duly patronized by the Government to create confusion among the Sikhs on their Gurpurbs, the only source of unity among the Sikhs, in which they succeeded.

The SGPC never passed any Resolution to authorize Purewal to prepare the so-called Nanakshahi Calendar; it was given to the SGPC through Dr Kharak Singh Ji. Before this misadventure, Institute of Sikh Studies (IOSS) also had favored the Kala Afghana lobby, Bhasauria lobby by giving rejection slips to Dasam Granth, Bhagat Bani, Bhatt Bani in their books and Journal.

To promote Purewal’s dangerous game-plan, the writers associated with the Institute (Dr Kirpal Singh, Dr Balwant Singh Dhillon, Surjit Singh Gandhi, Dr Darshan Singh, Dr Dalbir Singh Dhillon …), started the propaganda in favour of this so-called Nanakshahi Calendar with all the resources at their disposal with perfidious lies wilfully and which were duly rebutted in writing by Prof Anurag Singh, Col Surjit Singh Nishan, Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Amritsar through Principal Santokh Singh, S. Maluk Singh, Damdami Taksal and host of other Sampardayas and organisations.

Despite the fact that the Jathedars of two Takhats (Patna Sahib and Hazur Sahib) did not give their consent to the so-called Nanakshahi Calendar, the Institute of Sikh Studies, even before the release of this distorted and plagiarized Calendar, published the news in their Journal that the Calendar has been passed by the Clergy with minor changes (See the attached photo).

As already established that this distorted Calendar is a carbon copy of Indian National Saka Calendar, it is also an infringement of Copy Right Act, and punishable with imprisonment and fine.

It is surprising that this Hindu Calendar, issued in the sacred name of Guru Nanak as a emotional black-mailing tactics, was released on Baisakhi of 2003 by Prof Kirpal Singh Badungar, president SGPC, and Fakhar-i-Quam Parkash Singh Badal, now crowned as Padam Vibushan by President of India.

IHRO Report, besides other matter, historical documents and literature, is based on its own Notes:
IHRO Fresh Note on So-called Nanakshahi Calendar (Purewal) in Response to Dr Harpal Singh Pannu's Views
IHRO Note: RESTORE SIKH CALENDAR (Nanakshahi Samvat), pioneered by Gurus themselves and in use since then!

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