US Sikhs hire Hillary Clinton’s ex-strategist for changing perception

Washington, USA: The newly formed National Sikh Campaign launched by US Sikhs has announced to have a former chief strategist of Hillary Clinton to begin the first-ever exploration of creating positive perception about Sikhs among Americans.

Geoffrey Garin, who helped direct the strategy team for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign will take an in-depth survey of feelings and misperceptions towards Sikhs in order to develop messaging that will deliver new information and visuals that can positively change attitudes toward Sikhs, a media release said yesterday.

In 2012 he served as the pollster and strategic adviser to Priorities USA, the super PAC supporting President Barack Obama’s reelection.

The National Sikh Campaign said this research will lay the foundation for the largest promotion of Sikhs in the western world.

“We have hired Garin due to his exceptional record in American politics and policy research and he is without a doubt one of the most prominent pollsters of our generation,” said Gurwin Singh Ahuja, executive director of National Sikh Campaign.

He was the national field coordinator of President Obama’s reelection campaign.

“Sikhs have been part of American scene since we first immigrated to North America 100 years ago and there is no one better than Garin to properly conduct a study that can show how Sikhs can dispel the misperceptions about our community and portray us as part and parcel of American society,” he said.

Dr Rajwant Singh, chairman of Sikh Council on Religion and Education said Garin will head an unprecedented campaign that will examine Sikhism and its current place within the American psyche.

“This study led by Garin will help us tailor our message effectively and help us launch the biggest PR campaign for Sikhism and Sikhs in America. It will create an conducive environment for Sikhs to rise politically, socially and economically even more.

“The National Sikh Campaign is an undertaking that will require participation and support of all sections of the community,” Singh said.

Source: HT

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